Tips for Choosing a Dumbbell for Beginners

The weight of the dumbbell that you use for weight training needs a lot of consideration, especially for beginners. Instead of building muscles, dumbbells that are too heavy can actually endanger your body, ranging from the possibility of injury, muscle damage, to pinched nerves.

On the other hand, dumbbells that are too light will make your training ineffective and provide less-optimal results. So, what are the right dumbbells for beginners? The answer is uncertain. The right dumbbell will be different for each person because it is very dependent on various factors.

Especially for beginners, consider the following tips for determining the right dumbbell weight for you. You can buy dumbbells at sport equipment stores such as Decathlon Thailand.

1. Start with a light weight dumbbell

If it’s your first time in weightlifting, first use the lightest weight dumbbell to practice until you master the correct way for each type of exercise – because the technique is arguably the foundation of your training success.

2. Gain weight slowly & evaluate

After mastering the technique, adjust the weight of the dumbbell to your level of strength. When you feel the dumbbell that you lift is no longer challenging, increase the weight gradually by 0.5-1 kg.

For example, when you start with a dumbbell weighing 2 kg, you can try dumbbell weighing 3 kg or 3.5 kg in the next experiment before switching to a heavier dumbbell as you increase your strength during training.

Don’t forget to do an evaluation. Record the weights you use for each exercise, how many reps you can do, and how you feel.

3. Practice with the guidance of a professional trainer

As a beginner, we strongly advise you to practice with the guidance of a professional coach. Generally, most gyms or fitness centres provide professional trainers to help you. Therefore if you are still confused, do not hesitate to ask them about the type of exercise that is right for you. Professional trainers can also help you create training programs.

Those are some tips for choosing a dumbbell for beginners. Do you need a dumbbell or other sports equipment? Decathlon provides everything. visit the website at