Will Black Friday affect the Fashion Industry?

With the Black Friday around the corner, apparel retailers are looking to capitalise on the window to increase their sales volume. The fashion industry is known to be one of the online retailers with huge sales volume during the Black Friday, this is because fashion retailers capitalise on a lot of strategies which they employ in search of customers. One such fashion retailer is Matalan. So, consumers can purchase Matalan clothes during their Black Friday window. Some of the best practices that these retailers have to stick with to get the best out of the season include:

Early preparation

This is an important aspect for a shopping website, as they have to be prepared for the traffic on their website. Showcasing all fashion accessories in their collection is important as studies have depicted that the Black Friday generates 10M hits more than actual Black Friday weekend.

Customer display high intent to purchase

Customers are known to drive heavy traffic along with the sites in the course of them seeking items they can purchase. Converting a visitor into sales using referral agents proves to be more effective than most other strategies.

Tips for the fashion industry for Black Friday

Reading Reviews online could provide apparel retailers with all they need to know as they seek to capitalise on the Black Friday deals.

Get a hold of the industry’ traffic trend

By checking what consumers look for when they come online could serve as a good indicator on which products consumers find appealing and which receives less appraisal. In 2018, reports showed that fashion industry sites received about 56M visits on Black Friday and the traffic also shows that those sites had about 72M visits in the 5 days leading up to the Black Friday.

Uncover the market player’s online marketing strategy

Exerting strong brand awareness is one of the many plausible ways of attracting customers and making sure they buy. In the UK, Direct Visit and Organic Search are the main marketing channels generating traffic for online fashion retailers.

Discover the best performing keyword

When consumers come online to search for apparel sites or a particular fashion accessory they intend to purchase, one thing that defines their search is the keyword used while searching. Some of the top-rated products searched by consumers include coats, duvet, heat holders, dress and suits. So, your website should strictly follow SEO rules to ensure you rank well in Google site ranking. Keywords reflect the store’s product strategy so taking careful thought about what keywords to use by describing the products comes handy. Most stores generate traffic from generic keywords relating to clothing items such as men’s clothing, clothes sales. Other stores generate sales from using keywords relating to ‘Black Friday sales’. Some stores use combinations such as ‘Black Friday’ and ‘deals’.

Generating sales to the website

Reports show that sites that partner with other sites are known to receive more patronage from customers. Those patronages would come in the form of referrals or even affiliates. News and media sites are prime categories of websites for a referral.