Do you do online shopping? You most certainly do. It is lovely to shop online. There are excellent discounts, there is an option to pick from a wide variety of goods, there is an option to compare conveniently, and then there is the ease of bringing the goods to you. But how do you make the payment when you shop online? Is it cash or a card upon delivery? And if it is a card, is it a debit or credit card? If your answer is a debit card, a separate card for shopping needs to be set aside.

Below are a few reasons you need a separate debit card for your online shopping.

  1. It allows you to spend less

Both a debit card and a credit card allow you to make e-transactions. But one big difference in using a unique card is, it helps you put a cap to how much you will spend, unlike using your main card where all your money is stored, you would have a fixed amount there for shopping.

It is acceptable that when shopping, several items suit our interest online. It only takes a few individuals to stick to their budget when this happens to us, while most of us will be swept away by the fun things we see. But using a particular card helps you to stick to your budget and spend less on shopping.

  1. Secures your bank information 

When making transactions, virtual debit card services let you cover your real card details. For instance, you can just plug in a different debit card number instead of using your regular card number to buy something from a shady website, so that if something weird happens with that card, it does not affect your real debit card.

  1. Makes sure that the place you buy from is safe and encrypted

The Web site address should start with https, not Http when checking out. A key, lock, or certificate may be shown as well. This means that the website offers an encrypted SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) transactions. Even though there are many pros and cons associated with using the master card while shopping, one of the ultimate pros is convenience, at any time and anywhere you can shop online. That is why you need to be careful about how and where you use your card.

  1. Reduces Chance of Fraud

The use of another card helps to safeguard the entire money you have worked for from fraudsters. Perhaps you are not sure of a website, and you might find the utmost interest in what the website display; there is every tendency that you may choose to risk your money and patronization them. If peradventure is a swindle website, you can save yourself from falling into more massive debits by using another card that does not have all your money. You can tell the bank the misuse of the card if you have a debit card fraud too, and the funds may be returned. You will get it back if your bank finds your claim valid. So, with another card, you can reduce the money you lose while shopping.


By abdules