Having a car is everyone’s dream. In addition to private vehicles, cars are often used as a lifestyle that must be fulfilled. However, the most important thing is proper car care so that the condition of the car is always good and durable to use for a long time. Unfortunately, most of us are still ignorant about car maintenance. They only know how to wear it. Meanwhile, if the car suddenly breaks down, of course, you can’t do anything and you will immediately take the car to a repair shop. In fact, if you carry out car maintenance from the start, the car will not be easily damaged.

for more detail in car care we must pay attention to some components and panels that must be maintained, here are some good tips in Car Care.

  1. Avoid Berets and Use Special Soap for Car Paint

Car paint clearly affects the appearance of the car most importantly and appearance of the car. If the paint quality is good and well maintained the car will be seen as attractive by everyone. Therefore, you must be good at caring for car paint. Attempt to stay away from contact from different items, for example, tree trunks, dividers, iron and others that can scratch the vehicle paint. Furthermore, regularly washing the vehicle with the right extraordinary vehicle cleanser, utilizing a delicate fabric, and drying it appropriately will make the vehicle all around kept up with and the vehicle paint is dependably in great condition.

  • Choosing the Right Fuel

You have to understand the condition of each car having different engine specifications so it must use the right fuel. The right choice of fuel will affect the work of an engine for the better. The wrong fuel, dirty, and not filled at the official place will make the car engine not maintained and cause damage. The recommended fuel must be the fuel that has a high octane rating, to keep your engine’s performance in good condition

  • Regularly Change Car Oil

in addition to fuel, car oil/lubricant must also be considered and replaced regularly. You need to change the oil regularly by scheduling when to change the oil so that the performance of your engine does not get damaged quickly, usually, in the driver’s manual there will be an oil change schedule, and you are advised not to be late in changing it.

so that you still have a car that is durable and remains in good condition you should do it regularly and regularly in your car maintenance.

By abdules