Buying groceries is something we all have done or would need to do in the future. But many a time, we don’t know what to take with us, where to go, what to buy, etc. For starters, it would be very convenient if we take reusable grocery bags washable with us. This will not only save us money, but they are environment-friendly as well. Buying groceries takes time, so make sure you eat before you leave for shopping. Following are some more tips and things that can help you save money and time while buying your groceries.

  • Make a list

The most important thing before going to buy the groceries, or any other things for that matter, is to make a list of things that you need. For this, you need to take a look in your fridge and kitchen and see what you have and what you don’t.  Having a list not only saves you from a lot of hassles, but it also keeps you away from the tempting deals that bombard as you walk the aisles in a supermarket. Your list is a vital step in your plan for shopping.

  • Have a budget

Another important thing to note before you leave for shopping is to know how much you can spend. And when you shop try sticking to your budget as much as possible. This way you will know what you want and how much you want. It will also keep you away from spending too much.

  • Buy in bulk if it is cheaper

If you are saving money on one or more items by buying them in bulk then you should do it. This way you are not only stocking things up for a longer period but also saving money. But make sure you will use all of the items before it gets bad. Otherwise, it won’t be cheaper anymore.

  • Do a quick comparison

Make sure you are comparing prices of a certain type of product with different brands. Sometimes there can be a huge difference. Remember you need to divide the price by the units (pounds, kg, etc.) to get the price that can be compared. Knowing what brands’ products are cheaper will help you in your future purchases as well.

  • Read labels

Make a habit of reading the labels of anything and everything you buy. Look for the expiry date, best by date, manufactured date, etc and buy accordingly. Also, look for the ingredients so that you know what you are getting. Try avoiding foods with high amounts of sugar, lots of sodium, saturated fats, etc. Instead go for proteins, vitamins, calcium.

  • Avoid rush hours

Try to shop at those hours where there is the least rush. This way you will get fresh fruits and veggies. Avoid shopping on holidays, evening time and paydays. Try to go early morning or late at night.

By abdules