The naked sport 150 cc segment is pretty much interested. So every manufacturer has a mainstay in that segment. Suzuki lowered the GSX-S125, Yamaha has MT-10 as its newest product. You can buy MT-10 at affordable prices only on Wheels Motorcycles. For Now, Suzuki GSX- S125 the most expensive variant has adopted a system without key children. While MT-10 is armed with an aggressive design and several modern features. Which one is better?


Speaking of prices, clearly the Yamaha MT-10 is the second choice. Suzuki GSX-S125 keyless is priced at £3,995. The price of the Yamaha MT-10 is £7,995 million. The price difference is around £4,000. The difference is not a small number. The Yamaha MT-10 currently also holds the most expensive naked sport 150 cc in a similar segment of Japanese manufacturers.


In size, the two are not much different. The GSX-S125 has a size of 2,020 x 745 x 1,040 mm (LxWxH) and a wheelbase of 1,300 mm. While the dimensions of MT-10 are 1,965 X 800 X 1,065 mm and the wheelbase length is 1,335 mm. From the wheelbase, the MT-10 is more stable when told to run fast.


Both offer a naked style of sport street. But the design of the MT-10 looks more attractive. Thanks to the three LED lights arranged, the face of the MT-10 is like a robot from the Transformers movie. Very futuristic like a concept motorbike. Again, that’s an interesting and not boring point like on other motorbikes. There is a supermoto feel, wide handlebar and a rather upright driving posture. Both are less enjoyable to use because the tail is short, passenger seating is more limited.

Suzuki only provides limited colors for the GSX- S125with a keyless ignition system. Black with a touch of red sweetener, including rims colored red. MT-10 is a little more diverse by offering three basic colors. Gray wears orange rim, fully black and blue with bright yellow rim. In addition, in the choice of matte colors, the rim is also covered in bright contrasting colors.

Yamaha provides the MT-10 with a gold-plated upside down front suspension. In addition to improving performance, aesthetics also strengthened thanks to the suspension. About the proportion of design, although both wear 17-inch rims, the MT-10 looks more muscular thanks to the larger black rubber bandage. Among the other 150 cc naked bikes, only the MT-10 has used the front suspension upside down. The average competitor still uses standard telescopes. The upside down suspension is considered to have a better performance than ordinary telescopic.


When compared, the performance of both is almost similar. The GSX-S125 holds a 1-cylinder 147.3 cc liquid cooled engine that blows out 19 PS of power at 10,500 rpm and 14 Nm of torque at 9,000 rpm. Medium MT-10 engine, 1-cylinder 155 cc liquid cooled VVA, peak power 19.3 PS at 10,000 rpm and maximum torque of 14.7 Nm at 8,500 rpm. Both transmissions are 6-speed. Although the MT-10 engine is slightly larger, the performance difference is not significant.

Most favored by MT-10, assist & slipper clutch, ease the work of the clutch so that the transfer is smoother and faster. The use of upside down front suspension does not mean the best performance of MT-10. It’s just that in performance, the upside down suspension does tend to be better than standard telescopic. Besides comfort, the suspension supports the full movement of the dynamics of the MT-10. Both the GSX- S125and MT-10 use two disc brakes. The design of the petal and wide GSX- S125disc brakes.


GSX- S125has good stock features. Mention digital meter panels, LED headlights and the most significant keyless ignition system. Keyless features have not been owned by competitors in the segment. While the MT-10 is equipped with front and rear LED lights, digital meter panels and front suspension upside down. The MT-10 digital meter panel presents a number speedometer with a combination of easy-to-read graphical tachometers. There is also an appropriate gear shift indicator light.


Looking at the price and comparison of features and performance, the MT-10 must be willing to lose to the GSX- S125. Not feel the price difference of £7,995 million from the features offered. Most significantly, the front suspension is upside down, the rest is not too fancy. While the GSX- S125that has used the keyless system also has other performance and completeness, but the price is much cheaper. So, putting aside the design, the Suzuki GSX- S125Keyless Ignition System is more feasible and wise to choose from the Yamaha MT-10.

By abdules