Packing Tips For Your Girls Holiday This Summer!

If you’re heading on a girls holiday this year, then you’re in the right place! We’re here with our best tips to help you get holiday ready, from how to save room and weight to helping you choose the essentials to take with you on your trip. So, let’s get into it and help you get ready for your trip this summer.

Pack Your Heavy Shoes In Hand Luggage

Our first tip is to pack any of your heavy shoes in your hand luggage. When you’re also taking a suitcase, you often don’t need much in your hand luggage at all apart from travel documents and a few bits and pieces for the journey. So, make sure to utilise this extra space as much as possible! You could also put other chunkier items in your hand luggage, for example hair straighteners or your makeup bag (make sure when you get to airport security that you take your straighteners out and that you’d already put any liquid makeup in a clear bag as that has to be checked separately). You will save plenty of room in your suitcase and will also be making sure that you’re maximising the use of your hand luggage.

Get Packing Cubes

Something else to consider if you struggle to fit everything in your suitcase is to get packing cubes. Sort your packing into piles, perhaps with swimwear in one pile, evening outfits in one, daytime outfits in one and so on, then start putting your clothes into the packing cubes. It helps you to compress the items down slightly, as many packing cubes have two zips. You fold everything and put it into the cube as normal, then zip it up. Then, you can press down on the cube and also close the second zip, minimising the space that it takes up in your suitcase. This can make a big difference overall! If you have any very delicate clothing, be careful using packing cubes, as it could become very creased. Instead, perhaps save a plastic cover from your dry cleaning, put your delicate items in there and then pack separately.

Make Sure To Plan Your Outfits

One of the best things you can do to save space is to plan your outfits! This does take a bit of time and preparation, but you should create a little pile for each day of your trip and decide what you’ll wear. Not only will this make life easier when you’re actually away, but you’ll cut out so many things that you never would have worn. Of course, there will be some days you won’t know exactly what you’re doing, so you’ll pack a couple of extra outfits just in case to cover those kinds of days. However, on the most part, think about what you’re going to be doing and plan an outfit for each one. To be really savvy, try to plan a few outfits that use the same component, or could be worn more than once. For example, if you pack a pair of denim shorts, you could wear them for an evening meal with heeled wedges and a corset top, then wear them with a bikini the next day for a boat party. Another example would be packing a few short dresses that you can do the same thing with, such as wearing for two different events with different accessories.