Charity wristbands are very cheap and can be used for various purposes. Generally, yellow color wristbands are used to create awareness regarding cancer. Lance Armstrong was the person behind to start this cause. He started working on this cause because he had gone through this disease. He wanted to empower people affected by cancer. He started lance Armstrong foundation before 10 years to support this cause. Lance Armstrong foundation works with world leaders to focus on developing cancer advocacy, research and data collection. Followed by yellow bands various other charity wristbands were introduced. Some of them are yellow color to support our troops, blue color to support anti-bullying, anti-bush vote, tsunami relief and prostate cancer, Pink color for breast cancer, red for heart disease, vote bush, anti-tobacco, HIV, Purple color for cystic fibrosis, lupus, domestic violence, orange color for asperger?s self harm. Many other wristbands are grey for diabetes & brain cancer, black & white for racism in football, green for ecology, leukemia, and organ donor, gold for childhood cancer, and black for mourning & melanoma.

White bands are a symbol to fight against poverty. The white wristbands were created in 2005 to support make poverty history. These white bands are simple and flexible and can be used by anyone in the world. Rainbow wristbands were created for religious harmony. This band has 14 colored beads with a white bead between the symbolic knots. These bands were worn by pope and Dalai Lama. Black and white wristbands were launched by players like Ronaldinho and Thierry Henry. The twin white and black bands linked together are part of the campaign to tackle racism in football.

Blue color wristbands were created by footballers like Frank Lampard and Rio Ferdinand. This campaign was launched by Radio 1 so that it could happen with the government?s anti bullying week in November. These bands were made to create awareness about anti bullying. These bands have a simple message ?beat bullying?. According to the Kabbalah centre, Red string bands protect wearers from evil eye, which comes from unfriendly stares and glances. It was made famous by females like Madonna, Victoria beckham and Britney spears. The charity wristbands must be appealing to the public. These bands must be publicized by media with the help of celebrities. Public awareness and support for a cause is very important if you want to fight for a cause. These funds can be used to fund research works for finding solutions to particular causes.

By abdules