Polo shirts are a relatively common part of a man’s wardrobe.

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However, the combination of smart trousers with said polo shirts can be viewed as a challenge by even the most fashion-conscious male.

In this article, we take a look at how simple and effective it can be to combine the two – mens designer shirts with beautifully tailored trousers.

Don’t Panic-Buy

Slim-fit, pinstripes, checks or patterns? Avoid any of these if you are in a rush. And don’t choose anything too formal, as it will look mismatched with a polo shirt. Do some research – take to the internet and check out the myriad of websites that can help you make your decision such as https://www.ejmenswear.com/. It’s all about the look!

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Dress-Down Friday

We’ve all been there: it’s Dress Down Friday and we are having a Thursday-evening clothes conundrum! The great thing about a polo shirt is that it can be both formal and casual. Wearing a polo shirt with smart trousers will be a good look amongst your colleagues. Experiment with colours such as a light blue polo shirt with dark navy trousers. Add a bit of style with brown shoes and your Dress-Down Friday will be complete!

Dress-up Friday

So Dress-Down Friday is over and you have a date. It’s not only women who worry about what sort of outfit they should wear – men are no exception. But what combination of shirt and trousers is the right blend? You don’t want to look as though you have made too much effort or, even worse, that you have made too little. Our advice is to opt for a classic polo shirt, stylish trousers and maybe some suede dark brown desert boots. Hot date? You’ll have it covered!

The Next Day

So the hot date is over – we are sure you will see her again – and now it’s business as usual. It’s the weekend and you need a new look. There’s shopping to do, friends to meet, dinners to cook, family to see and, most definitely, a weekend vibe. Don’t stress about your look. Now is the time to combine polo shirts and trousers for an effortlessly cool look. Add a belt and some open-toed sandals and enjoy that weekend buzz in your new outfit. You deserve it, after all.


By abdules