Birthdays are unique, and it has more meaning if the birthday is of your close people. That excitement and the joy– it’s wonderful. The celebration and the joyous moments when you give someone a birthday surprise, cutting the cake after blowing on the candles, going out together is fantastic. All this is happy, but the moment you get far away and notice being unable to celebrate their birthday together, it can be heartbreaking. Whether that person is your family member, boyfriend, best friend, or girlfriend, you would want to celebrate their birthday even from a long distance. And that’s where we may assist you. Suppose that person lives in Bhagalpur or any other place, and you don’t, then following are the ways through which you can celebrate their birthday:

  1. Call them at midnight

The best way to wish someone a happy birthday is not through messages or posts; it needs to be by heart. When you call them at dot 12 ‘O’clock and sing them a birthday song, they will feel unique, happy, and important. I think that directly wishing on call means hoping by heart when you cannot want in person.

  1. Send a birthday cake.

A birthday cake adds specialness to one’s birthday. No troubles if you can’t give them the gift face-to-face. Don’t feel down. You can offer them the cake through online delivery. As we discussed earlier, if they live in Bhagalpur, then you can check for online cake delivery in Bhagalpur. You would get numerous websites that can do it for you. You can even get midnight cake delivery services if you want to surprise them at exact midnight on their birthday.

  1. Send a birthday box

Birthday boxes are pretty popular nowadays, so why don’t you send them as well? You can add many party stuff to the birthday party boxes, such as some sweet stuff, balloons, confetti, birthday cards, and your personalised note. Whether you make a DIY birthday box or take help from a mail-order company. They can make the gift box for you quickly and even add your personalised note.

  1. Throw a virtual party

Invite the people related to your birthday boy/girl to a Skype or any online video meeting. Then invite the birthday guest of honour. You guys can have fun online, sing birthday songs, send balloons or party horns online during calls, and enjoy the time. It makes them feel better.

  1. Create a video

You can also make a video for their birthday featuring yourself. You can sing them a happy birthday or say some memorable lines for them. You can directly send the video to them or upload it online for more audiences to see how unique the video is. The birthday boy/girl ought to love it.

  1. Watch movies together– virtually.

The world is full of digital knowledge, and you are no exception. You can watch movies together on their birthday, and you don’t need your physical presence. Several online platforms provide this function where you can watch movies together with other people even when living in the distance. 

  1. Send them a lunch treat.

If you cannot use them out for a birthday treat, then don’t get upset. You can give them a lunch treat without even going. It will be possible through gift cards that you can find in many restaurants or online. They will directly email or mail the gift card to your birthday boy/girl, and they can get a lunch treat.

  1. Surprise them with a birthday present

Last but not least, you can send them a hand-picked gift through mail services. There are also online websites where you can select birthday gifts, and they will deliver the gift for you. You can give anything from custom-made to personalised and their favourite stuff on their birthday. Add a small note with the present to add depth to it.

If you do the stuff that I have mentioned above, they will love your birthday surprise. So don’t let the distance make you feel a part, and start planning their birthday right away.

By abdules