Since Covid-19 shook the whole world, so many aspects of our lives have been altered. From the way we socialise to a heightened sense of hygiene, Covid-19 has impacted us and changed the usual order of our environment.

Food shopping is one area that has also been affected by Covid-19. There has been a change both in the way shoppers purchase, and how shops operate. Below, we show you 5 ways in which Covid-19 is changing food shopping.

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1.  The Kitchen is Busy Again:

Covid-19 has made people spend more time indoors, and this has resulted in them buying foodstuff from shops and cooking homemade meals now more than ever. Since there are restrictions in movements and gatherings, people cannot go freely to restaurants anymore, and this has led many to stock up and prepare their own food. With so much free time, there is also an increase in the taking of cooking classes online. Many people enrol in these classes and use their free time experimenting and learning how to make new cuisine they never knew how to before.

2.  Increase in Snacking:

This one was to be expected. With more and more people at home, unoccupied with much work as they usually were, snacks have quickly become the go-to edible to keep the mouth on duty. Many people spend more money than usual on snacks in this period. They rely on them in-between meals and they can be worth the nibble while watching a movie.

3.  Online Food Shopping is the New Trend:

Well, maybe not a new trend, but certainly trendier than ever, the internet has proved it can serve us in both senses of the word. The lockdowns prompted by Covid-19 have sparked an increase in the ordering of food from stores online. Whether ordering food supplies online from grocery stores or even meals from online restaurants, these vendors are making more money than ever from customer purchases. It’s just much more convenient for the average customer and even older people are getting the hang of it, too. Perhaps the trend will remain even after the virus is hopefully defeated.

4.  Restructuring of Stores:

Stores are trying their best to ensure Covid-19 protocols are observed by customers and staff. For example, the strict face mask and hand sanitising policy, fewer crowds, wider aisles, socially-distant queues, contactless checkouts, no free samples, and no self-serve stations. All these are sanitary measures aimed at ensuring the safety of shoppers and reducing the spread and contamination of the virus. Make sure when you don’t forget to wear your face mask the next time you go to stack up on groceries.

5.  Freezers are Cool Again:

Pun aside, Covid-19 has made many people return to purchasing frozen food, with its sales relatively high this period. Frozen foods seem to be more cost-effective and convenient since there are more meals in houses now due to the lockdown. Another reason is that they last longer.

With Covid-19 still very much around, it doesn’t look like any of these changes in food shopping would be returning soon. Adapting to them is the only feasible option.

By abdules