As a kids clothing wholesaler, you will be dealing with parents who have grown up watching Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, as well as Disney channel. Also, the generation-y children have their own selection of superheroes and cartoon characters. So when you are refurbishing your existing clothing line for children, consider stocking on different themes. And even if you specialize in the children’s wardrobe, you might not need to necessarily shops exclusively for the youngsters.

Mixing and Matching With the Themes

There is a hidden child in every adult. And with the dark and depressive ambience looming just about everywhere, all they might seek is a little bit of sunshine. Cheerful dresses depicting their favorite cartoon characters can be a great way of making it. Again, there are new-age parents who love twinning with their children. So when you are stocking on new dresses for children, remember to shop for some coordinating sets for their parents, as well.

Cartoons for Adult Fashion

Cartoon characters are not necessarily exclusive to children. They are now an integral part of adult fashion, as well. Even as a clothing wholesaler for children, you can turn the vibrant kids’ clothes into fantastically fashionable. Also, while choosing themed dresses that feature favorite characters like Powder-puff girls, Minnie Mouse, Elsa and Anna from Frozen or Spider-Man, try picking some non-themed dresses.

You can choose from some solid-colored dresses, or clothes with velvety or metallic finishes. The idea is to have a collection that gives an instant positive vibe to one and all.

Picking Fashion with Style

As a smart wholesaler of clothes, you can combine various elements to create a unique fashion statement for all ages. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

For customers looking forward to striking a minimal balance, you can pair a vibrant Popeye or Minnie Mouse tee with plain denim. Any bright shade can playfully, yet tastefully contrast with different hues of indigo.

Help young girls, as well as mommies, bring out the hidden Barbie or the little Mermaid in them by going ultra-girly with pink. There is no lack of cute motifs. Make your customers spoilt for choices with a collection that brings a smile in every face.

For customers looking for some experimental ideas, you can add some funky blazers with shorts. Also, keep some contrasting wristlets, as well as with quirky pairs of sneakers. This might sound a crazy ensemble, but can be outrageously fun for those looking for some out of the box ideas.

The Takeaways

There is no limit to innovations and experiments if you have a creative mind. However, with the new normal arising amidst the COVID-19 crisis, you have to make some practical choices for games, as well. For example, ensure to choose fabrics which clients can wash regularly. Yet, they are absolutely comfortable to wear. Choose colorful skullcaps, gloves and masks that go well with your collection. And of course, keep some choices for the plus-size clients handy.

By abdules